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Joshua McMiller // Landing Page Design // The Marketing Branch

As (digital) artists ourselves, we absolutely loved working with Joshua, a New York and Vero Beach based artist, to create a space online to showcase his larger-than-life paintings. With a full line up of gallery showings on the calendar, we needed to deliver a stellar site, and fast.

While we're a little bias, we think we nailed it. Josh loved it, too. Check it out...

the design deets

In an effort to keep things simple, Joshua opted for a premium landing page over a full-blown website - in other words, all information, images, etc are featured on one web page rather than multiple pages.

The trick was designing something robust while remaining incredibly easy to navigate. We created a minimalistic menu at the top and scroll arrows throughout each section to make it simple to bounce seamlessly between content while never leaving the main page.

A crisp layout provides a neutral base to layer in all of Joshua's artwork, and the minimalistic vibe allows the gallery to take center stage. Each piece adds more and more visual interest as you scroll through the site, and the gallery features a quick-hover option to see details of the individual artwork. Clicking on an image will open the gallery in a larger scale.

Another important piece to Joshua's site was providing visitors with the ability to reach him directly about purchasing an existing piece or to inquire about commission work. And, of course, linking to his social accounts.

the final product

The end result was a stunning site that gave Joshua a place to share his talents with a broader audience, and stake his claim among other established artists online.

Check out the site for yourself!



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