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"Clammering" for a Refresh | Festival Marketing, Website Design + Social Media

two clams and a laptop

Picture this... lagoon breezes, the smell of delicious seafood, great music, and the laughter of family and friends – that's the Sebastian Clambake. A celebration of life along the Indian River Lagoon that has drawn thousands of people and donated thousands of dollars to community-centric programs and capital campaigns since 2003. Now, imagine translating all that goodness into the digital realm in less than two weeks before the festival is scheduled to happen. Challenge accepted! We got elbows-deep in the virtual clam bucket to give the Sebastian Clambake a super fresh website and social media presence that had everyone as happy as a clam.

So, here’s the deal, the Sebastian Clambake, with all its tradition and charm, needed a digital kick in the shells. We say that lovingly. The old site was a generic place-holder featuring clunky navigation, a lack of personality, and a dated appearance.

The Website Before:

We created a website that feels like the festival itself – lively, colorful, and "clam-tasticly" fun, while simultaneously positioning it as a notable charity foundation that has given back more than $1,000,000 to the community.

The Website After:

Social Media Promo Graphics

Social media graphics to compliment the new site was the next clam to shuck. With two weeks until festival time, our messages and graphics were focused on event awareness, a push to the new site for information, sponsorship recruitment, post-event thank you's, and festival feedback from attendees.

Challenge completed. One of the things we loved the most about this project was being able to work with a great group of people who are doing good things in our own hometown. It was fun to bring a touch of tech to this long-standing event, and we're looking forward to expanding on what's been created for the next festival!

Visit to browse the new site.

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