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about "The Branch"

Meet the creatives

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are two nature-lovin’, good-vibe seekin’ creatives who appreciate a good pun (we like the bad ones too), the great outdoors, and beautifully designed branding.

Through our combined 15 years’ experience, effective strategy, and compelling creativity, we produce brands, websites, and custom graphics for businesses that are authentic and demonstrate each clients' individual company culture. We love working with businesses across the globe to identify and create brands they feel truly confident in.


As a creatively strategic,

big-picture thinker with a background in graphic design, Britney brings a unique blend of skills and perspectives to the table.


Her ability to think critically and generate innovative ideas, paired with her technical ability to visually communicate those ideas through design, allows her to create impactful and effective brands for a variety of industries.

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A well-rounded creative who possesses a diverse set of skills with a background in corporate gifting and operations. 


When it comes to thoughtful and creative branding, her ability to integrate the finest of details with brand relevance, means she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring everything we create accurately and authentically represents a company’s brand. 

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