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Can you just do a logo instead of a full branding package?

Yes! We do offer logo design as a standalone service and understand that not all clients require a comprehensive branding process. We are happy to assist you with creating a unique and impactful logo that aligns with your vision and business goals.

  • What's included in a standalone logo service?

    • Our team will present you (2) design concepts to choose from. We'll create a primary logo, secondary logo, and logogram, in full color and black and white, and provide the necessary file formats for both print and digital use.

  • Is the logo process the same as the complete branding process?

    • No. While a logo is a crucial visual representation of your brand, the complete branding process involves a broader strategy that includes various elements such as brand messaging, tone of voice, color palette, typography, visual identity, and more. These elements come together to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity.

  • Can I upgrade to the full branding later if I needed?

    • Absolutley! If you decide to enhance your branding strategy by opting for a full branding process, we're here to assist you every step of the way. We'll seamlessly integrate your existing logo and work on expanding your brand's identity to create a consistent and impactful presence.

Do you do Social Media Management?

We offer Social Packs that provide your business with branded post graphics and reels, along with suggested post captions, tailored specifically to your marketing campaigns.

  • Do you schedule and monitor posts?

    • Our team is happy to assist with scheduling curated content, however, we do not respond to comments on behalf of your business.

  • How often do you schedule posts?

    • The frequency of posts will depend on the individual marketing campaign and budget. We offer tiered Social Packs to accommodate various needs and goals.  

Do I really need a website?

Yes. A website is a powerful piece of the marketing puzzle that not only helps your business look legit, but offers a way for customers to engage with your business from anywhere, anytime. Think of the possibilities! 

  • What's the difference between a Premium Landing Page and a Website?

    • A Premium Landing Page is a single page site ideal for minimal content, whereas a Website features 3 or more pages and is ideal for presenting a large amount of content. 

  • Which is better? Premium Landing Page or a Website?

    • Neither is better than the other. The choice to create a Premium Landing Page versus a Website will greatly depend on the individual budget, goals and vision of the business, and the purpose of site within the overall marketing strategy. 

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