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Hooked Up Bait & Tackle // Branding + Website + Merchandise // The Marketing Branch // Sebastian, FL

An exciting part of working in the branding industry is we are often among the first to get involved with projects and businesses in their earliest stages, and usually play an integral part in bringing these new and fresh ideas to life. So, when new business owners, Holly and Toby, reached out to us, we were immediately “hooked” on working with them to brand their Bait and Tackle shop located in Clifton, TN.

They needed everything from a logo, business cards, and a website, to branded merchandise like stickers, hats, shirts, bag toppers, and banners (just to start).

First things first. Together we established a visual direction for their brand which set the foundation for how other supporting elements would be created.

hooked up mood board with logo and colors

Combinations of black, white, and “Tennessee orange” make for a bold and rugged impression. The fish imagery pays homage to the largely popular sauger fish that many anglers seek in the Tennessee River. It is designed to be recognizable, and to communicate their sense of tradition, expertise, and passion for fishing. It symbolizes their goal to provide their customers with the best possible fishing experience by offering top-quality handmade bait and tackle, and superior service.

We wanted an edgy look to the logo, without being overly “gritty.” There needed to be a sense of tradition to balance out the main font in “Hooked Up” so we paired it with a classic font in the “Bait & Tackle”. The end result:

hooked up logo text and fish

Next came the merch. We love branding merchandise!

The choice to do branded t-shirts and hats was a no-brainer. Timeless athletic gray t-shirts feature screen printed branding on the front and back. Black trucker-style hats feature the embroidered Hooked Up logo.

close up picture of shirts

Branded stickers serve as multipurpose branding tools and are a quick way to pop your logo onto something otherwise ordinary. They’re also a great swag item to help increase brand exposure. Hooked Up's secondary brand mark featured a boney fish with the logo text:

boney fish on black circle

Custom bag toppers were a must for Hooked Up’s line of custom bait.

man with bait giving thumbs up

A newly obtained storefront meant a need for signage. A branded banner was among the first items ordered upon completion of the visual direction, and was promptly hung on the side of the building for brand visibility.

bait and tackle shop storefront

We created a customized site to showcase Hooked Up Bait & Tackle products

and their story on one easy-to-navigate landing page. Check it out:

Last, but not least, the business cards. Soft touch stock featuring a raised spot gloss finish elevates the look and feel of the card. Super “pro-freshional”.

We absolutely love(d) collaborating with these two on creating their dream brand and setting them up for marketing success. When we work with a client to bring their brand to life, they receive their very own Brand Guide Book and Brand Guide USB. These guidelines allow our clients to effectively communicate a memorable, consistent, and cohesive look that their audience will recognize across all platforms.

open brand style guide book on table

Client Testimonial:

"We couldn’t have asked for a better jump start to our business! The Marketing Branch has put a fun but professional spin on our Tennessee based bait and tackle shop, that we would have never received anywhere else.
They take the time to learn everything about you and the business, plus the clientele you want to attract.
Great company to work with and they will not only start you out on the right profitable foot, they are there after you open your doors to continue building what you started into an even better business! Their follow up is top notch! Thank you Marketing Branch!!!!!!"

Thank you, Hooked Up!

Ready to start YOUR brand off on the right foot? We’re ready to help!

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