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Spirit of Sebastian // Agrihood Branding // The Marketing Branch // South East FL

Have you heard of an agrihood? An agrihood is a type of planned community that integrates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. The purpose is to facilitate food production as well as provide green space, recreation, aesthetics and value for a community.

Pretty cool, right? It was a new concept to us and we love it! Naturally (pun intended), we were really excited to be involved with helping Spirit of Sebastian bring the brand of their newest agrihood community to life.

As an agrihood, not only was Spirit of Sebastian focused on building a brand around the concept of sustainability, they also wanted to pay homage and tie in the local history of Sebastian, FL, which was largely based in agriculture. The brand needed to be warm, earthy, and traditional with a modern twist. Our agrihood branding mood board came together and provided visual direction:

colors and fonts mood board

One of the things we loved about working with this project was that there were so many great elements about the community that could be incorporated within the branding. From pollinator pockets and a dark-sky-friendly designation, to natural gas, and of course the community garden and clubhouse/market, each one needed an icon to showcase the uniqueness of this community:

icons for agrihood community

Last, but not least, a Brand Style Guide to keep everyone on their team confident in creating content that looks consistent and fresh:

usb and book on table

We can't wait to create a legendary brand for you! Set up a free consultation to get started.

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