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Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce // Publication Spruce-up // The Marketing Branch

Sprucing up isn't just something we can do for your business, for this project we spruced up a publication!

The Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce is a member supported organization that uses its collective strength to foster a healthy business environment, promote tourism, and enhance the quality of life in the community they serve. The Chamber produces an annual Business Directory and Community Guide highlighting its members, area demographics, local history, community resources, and more. It's widely distributed throughout the area, and is used as a resource for relocation inquiries.

After learning that the Chamber was ready for a fresh look for this publication, we knew we were right for the job.

We started with a client questionnaire followed by a brainstorming session to discuss client goals and next steps for the Directory. Then, we prepared a mood board based on their responses, and presented our ideas.

They loved it.

We channeled the easy-going Key West feel of the area, and created a color palette that matches the vibe. Retro-inspired typography is reminiscent of old-school postcards, and custom graphics peppered throughout are drawn from iconic landmarks around the area.

We took existing information and condensed it while jazzing up the pages, giving it more visual interest and making more fun for readers to look through.

the final result

A coffee table worthy book that's informative and aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, we are stoked at how this project turned out, and we can't wait to get our hands on the next publication!

Project "spruce up the Directory" complete.



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