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Let's Plant It! // Premium Landing Page // The Marketing Branch // Southeast Florida

Your website. Your piece of real estate on the internet. Often a business's opportunity to make a great first impression, a website serves as a business card, a portfolio of your work, a stage to showcase your products + services, a place to share a bit of background, and much more. It's an extension of your business, and if done well can give users a great experience that carries all the way through their customer journey.

Laura is a local business owner with the first and only interactive plant store in Florida. What is an interactive plant store you may ask? Only the cutest place for plant lovers to spend the afternoon oogling all the pretty babies and most adorable pots to select for your environment, and then actually pot them in-store.

Her old site needed a bit-o-work.

It was out of date and didn't really showcase the amazing vibe of the store. We worked closely with her to streamline the content she needed on the site, as well as giving it a facelift and adding some fun elements that make it more interactive (kinda like her shop!).

Here's how the new site looks on mobile:

Check out the new site yourself:

Another Premium Landing Page for the books!



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