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CSV Consulting // Logo Design, Business Cards, Landing Page Design // The Marketing Branch

Working with entrepreneurs to bring their ideas from concepts to creation is our specialty. This was a three-part project for a startup company based in Thailand that included logo design, business card design, and finally the perfect landing page to showcase experience and expertise.

part 1: logo magic

Timeless, minimalistic, and professional. Scott's logo features a classic slab font in handsome hues of black and gold.

part 2: brilliant business cards

Scott wanted a memorable business card, so that's what we delivered. Gold foil accents kick up the classiness, and a soft-touch-finish makes them feel super luxe. Memorable indeed!

part 3: the landing page

The overall design of Scott's landing page reflects the classic vibe of the CSV logo -- featuring a sleek black and white user interface, and clean layout.

When it came to positioning Scott as a thought leader and highly sought after consultant for his industry, it was important to showcase his 30+ years of experience in the film sector. We featured samples of projects that Scott was instrumental in creating and/or implementing, along with a glimpse into how CSV Consulting works within the scope of its 3 pillars - studio infrastructure, workforce training, and industry incentivization.

Check out the CSV Consulting website yourself!

This three-part project was a huge success 👏🏼

That's a wrap!



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