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New Look Who Dis // Rebrand // The Marketing Branch // South Florida

The beauty in being digital artists is that we have the opportunity to create new and wonderful things all the time.

In case you haven't noticed, we've got a fresh new look.

As we have grown and evolved over the last 2 years, we felt like our brand needed some evolving herself.

We loved the forest vibes on our our old brand and website, but realized it felt a bit heavy.

We wanted to retain the forest feel, but wanted to make it lighter and add a bit more whimsy. To brighten it up, we added some new earthy tones, and we're digging the vibe.

Peep this new palette 👀👀👀

color swatches

We carried over the hand-drawn look of our brand icons.

colorful line of trees

As well as our beloved Sasquatch.

hand drawn sasquatch

She's been around since the beginning of our brand, and we realized we really loved our sassy girl, so we decided to make her the main focus. Look forward to seeing more of her around 😉

While we liked our old fonts, we found we were gravitating to others more. We kept going back to thin, whimsical fonts with personality. And we are so happy with how it looks in our new logo.

The Marketing Branch logo

We opted for a wordmark logo to feature the fun personality of our brand.

It all came together perfectly on our new website, where we featured our work as the main focus.

Overall, our rebrand has been a great experience in never settling, and always trying to do better.

Do you feel like your brand could use a little oomph? Email us at to set up a free consultation!



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