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Your Brand. Your Rules. | The Marketing Branch | East Coast, FL

Imagine seeing your logo showcased on a billboard or an ad for your business on the back cover of a popular magazine. (High five!) Talk about great exposure for your brand!

But wait a minute... Those aren't your colors. And why is your logo stretched and distorted!? And the messaging is all wrong! Noooo!

How could this have happened?

You didn't have a clear instruction manual on how your brand should be communicated.

You need a brand style guide.

A brand style guide is a digital rulebook that specifies every aspect of the look and feel of your brand. For everything from logo variations, to the font your company uses for collateral, to the colors your employees wear, to the verbiage you use in your messaging, to the way you engage on social media.

Apart from being used internally, a brand style guide is shared with partners, media, and agencies to brief them on how to communicate your brand properly and consistently.


It contains the standards required to represent your brand correctly.

Without one, it can feel like you're lost in the woods with your marketing efforts.

At The Marketing Branch, we help you navigate the trails to discovering your brand. We get to know the feel of your business, and help you communicate that through brand identity, voice, and visuals. This helps with consistent marketing to your target audience, and plays a huge part in brand loyalty.

Contact us to get started. We're rooting for you 🌲

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