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Your brand. Part 2: Visuals | The Marketing Branch | Southeast FL

Now that you have given thought to your “why,” it’s time to translate that into a message for your audience, and turn them into supporters of your brand. How do you do that?

Well that, my friend, is the fun part. The design process for building your brand visuals is where you get the opportunity to be creative!

Choose a logo, color palette, and typography style that you like. Sometimes it’s useful to research color palettes that appeal to your target audience, for example women generally prefer lighter, airier colors, while men typically gravitate to bold, dark colors.

Also, don’t take it too seriously, this part is supposed to be fun. The best thing to keep in mind is: keep it simple.

Keep it simple.

Once you have your look down you can begin creating content to communicate with your audience.

The team at The Marketing Branch is here to help you navigate this whole process! Contact us to set up a time to chat. We’re rooting for you.

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