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You Grow Girl - #BusinessWomensDay | The Marketing Branch | Sebastian, FL

First of all, it’s fall y’all 🙌🏼 🍂. Can we get a what, what!

As we enter the Fall Equinox, be sure to set time aside to restore balance in your life. Think about what balance means to you and how you maintain it. Identify what makes you feel nourished and how often you need it.

It’s important, okay? Okay.

Secondly, it’s #AmericanBusinessWomensDay! A day carved out to honor the accomplishments of business women across the nation and reflect on the achievements of millions of women in the workforce. This totally awesome day encourages women from varying occupations to collaborate, network, and share their insights to help one another grow personally and professionally.

Yes 👏🏼ma’am 👏🏼!

As a couple of fall-lovin’ ladies in business ourselves, we 100% dig it. If you dig it too, here are a few ways you can be a part of the movement:

  • Support their work - Use their services. Share their story. Think about what influence or impact you have access to and how you can best leverage it to elevate the business women in your life.

  • Join a Women’s Networking Group - Not only are women's groups an excellent way to broaden your network, they also often bridge ages and professions which will give you access to a wide range of experience.

  • Mentor other women - Use what experience and tools you have to help other women. Whether that means introducing people to your connections, meeting up for coffee dates, or engaging with junior staff members and interns at your company.

Speaking of mentoring other women - this Saturday, September 25th, is Daughters Day.

Here’s to raising strong, empathetic, smart, driven, adaptable, independent-thinking young women!

To all our fellow ladies in business, to those aspiring to own a business, and those supporting their fellow boss babes, you grow, girl.

Share your favorite networking groups, mentorship programs, or inspiring business women in the comments below.

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