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The Power of Gratitude for Your Brand | The Marketing Branch | Sebastian, FL

Gratitude. Acknowledging the good in situations and showing appreciation.

Not only is it linked with happiness, health, better sleep, likability, and even boosting your career; expressing gratitude can also grow your social media following, increase your website conversions, and even attract new customers and leads. Here's how:

Humanize your Brand

When you express genuine emotion (including gratitude) to others online, you’re humanizing your brand – and making it easier for others to connect with you. Authenticity will never, we repeat, NEVER, go out of style.

  • Did your page hit 10,000 likes? Thank your followers for their support.

  • Did someone share your post? Thank them for their engagement.

Increasing Brand Loyalty

Customers who feel appreciated by and connected to your brand will be your biggest cheerleaders. There’s no better marketing out there than a satisfied customer singing your praises, referring your business, and continuing their business with you.

  • New sale? Strengthen the relationship by thanking them for their purchase. Earn more of their business by offering additional products or services suited just for them based on their purchase history.

  • Repeat customer? Say thanks with rewards and discounts.

As a creative services agency driven by purpose and passion, and with so many positive benefits rooted in expressing gratitude, we fern-ly believe in making it a common practice in your marketing plan.

We are so grateful for all of the love and support we have received these last few months. It's been the best. Thank you all ♥️

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