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No Excuses | The Marketing Branch | Sebastian, FL

Today is a day where we ponder “Why not?”

Why not have a donut for breakfast?

Why not let your kids stay up late on the weekend?

Why not try that headstand you’ve never even attempted before?

Because YOLO, that’s why. How many times have you let what could happen stop you from doing something? Have you ever had a situation where you said, “Why not?” and then it actually turned out good?

Throughout our lives we pretty much stay rooted in the same comforts. We are creatures of habit, after all. But have you ever tried breaking free from the norm? Just did something a little different, even if it was just for a day.

Or even just for that moment.

What if you let what could happen be what propels you forward? What if that donut was the bliss you needed to start your day?

Sometimes we get way too caught up in how things should be, like keeping the kids on a sleep schedule. But sometimes staying up late and watching movies with them on the couch turns out to be a really great way to spend time together.

On this day I challenge you to do something that you normally wouldn’t. Why not?

It just might be the day you surprise yourself and nail a headstand on your first try.

When was the last time you said, why not? And then did something great?

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