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How It Felt Leaving A Full-Time Job | The Marketing Branch | Sebastian, FL

Many of us find ourselves fighting the same internal battle: Do we maintain the status quo of our 9-5 job, or do we tap into the endless possibilities of the great adventure that is working for ourselves? The most common question that rises to the surface is...

"What if?"

What if I quit my job and lose out on a steady paycheck? What if I try starting a business and fail? What if my family or friends think I'm crazy?

It can be daunting to leave the complacency of what we know in order to pursue something we feel destined to do, and asking these "what if" questions is important for planning your next move. But it's important to also ask the "what if" questions that go beyond fear...

What if I succeed? What if I can make a living doing what I love? What if I feel more fulfilled? What if I have the flexibility to make my own schedule that fits with my life?

So many of the wildly successful businesses we know today - Google, Amazon, Apple (to name a few) - started with a person, an idea, and a choice to buck the status quo.

Are we suggesting you quit your job right now without a plan? No.

Are we encouraging you to consider what is possible if you chose to pursue your dreams? Heck yes!

The truth is, leaving a full-time job is scary, but, it's also super exciting! For what it's worth, we wanted to write this blog to share our personal experiences on leaving our full-time gigs and trekking the trails of starting our own business. We hope that it inspires you to

make the leap.

Cara: For me, making the decision to leave my job was difficult because I felt stuck. I felt like it would be stupid, wrong even, for me to leave the security of a steady paycheck to step out and hope that the way would appear. The weeks leading up to my decision were filled with anxiety and tears because I knew I didn't want to be where I was anymore, but I was so afraid of what would happen. What if?

I had so many signs of encouragement, but I was frozen by fear, and truly, the fear was controlling me - keeping me stuck. Then one day I realized it was my fear that was keeping me stuck, and it was my fear that was preventing me from being successful.

And then I thought, "Well that's just dumb."

And that day I typed up my notice.

Ever since I have felt a freedom that has filled my bones with joy and excitement. I look forward to working every day, because I am doing what I love and building something that I am so proud of. It's been one of the best decisions of my life.

Britney: "Am I REALLY doing this?"

It's all I could keep asking myself when the day finally came to write those eight words to my employer, "Please accept this letter as my formal resignation."

I had spent months up to this point going through all of the "what if" scenarios. Countless nights of wondering what life would be like if I actually made the leap to work for myself -- wondering if I had what it takes to build a business doing what I love. I had freelanced for years outside of my 9-5 job, but could I seriously turn freelance into full-time?

How would I ever know if I didn't try?

So I made the decision to go for it. I owed it to myself to pursue a dream. It is hard work. It is fulfilling. It is empowering as hell. It is one of the best decisions I've made.

If you have made the leap and are ready to start a new adventure, we want to grow with you. Let us help you create a brand you love and are proud of.

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