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A Year In // The Marketing Branch // Southeast FL

We did it! Our first year as business owners and I have to say, I am very proud of us. This year has truly flown by. It feels like it was just a couple of months ago that we were having our first full-time day, and now here we are, slightly seasoned, taking on our second year!

We have so much gratitude for all of our supporters, clients, family, and friends. We have grown as friends and as individuals since last year, becoming even more incredible versions of ourselves.

In the past 365 days, we have created websites, constructed brand identities, whipped up color palettes, designed impeccable logos, produced three dazzling publications, and met so many amazing business women and men who shared their dreams with us.

We flexed our artistic muscles and discovered people like what we're doing!

To say we are looking forward to what the future holds would be an understatement.

We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the love and support of our family, friends, and clients, so for that we say THANK YOU!

In the infamous words of Jennifer Lopez, we're just getting started 😉


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